Give your students the attention and care they deserve by streamlining your therapy sessions or academic lessons from the inside out.


Simplify your therapy sessions and academic lessons inside and out with a cloud-based software that takes the pressure off so you can focus on what matters, providing stellar care to your students.


Talktrac® develops cloud-based software products that are specifically designed to make your life easier and your job more fruitful, no matter how your therapy sessions and academic lessons are structured.


Talktrac® for private practice therapists provides a centralized location to document client attendance, performance on Plan of Treatment goals, and effective therapy treatments for clients of all ages who receive speech-language, occupational, and physical therapy.


Talktrac® for Staffing Agencies provides an easy, innovative and centralized tool for Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists employed by the agency to document students/clients progress on identified goals, attendance, and effective therapy treatments or interventions.


Talktrac® for school-based therapists, teachers, and administrators provides a centralized location to track student attendance, effectiveness of interventions implemented and IEP goals for students who receive speech-language, occupational, physical therapy sessions or academic instruction.


Talktrac® for higher education provides colleges and universities the ability to teach Speech-Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy student clinicians how to innovatively monitor client progress and interpret client data.


Talktrac has been an extremely valuable program for me as a speech therapist. The program has helped me keep my data organized, especially since I am an itinerant speech therapist in the school system and travel between 3 schools. I no longer have to carry 3 notebooks for my data. The program helps me provide more accurate, real time data for progress monitoring. It also helps me see the student’s progress as a whole by using the reports that TT creates so that it makes lesson planning more timely. The reports also help me provide better communication with the parents because they are very easy to understand. All in all, this is the best program for progress monitoring that not only benefits me but also the students that I teach!


Speech Therapist

I am really impressed by the unbelievably quick response time of talktrac to any concern or necessary upgrade. Nothing is ever a problem and is attended to immediately! The ability to carry my iPAD and document during sessions allows me to see which areas need to be addressed work on them right away versus documenting later and seeing the needs after the session. I am also excited to print my reports and share them in such a professional and clear manner. Even though I feel that as I continue to use the program I will benefit even more, I was amazed at how easily I could jump in and use it on my first day of treatment.


Physical Therapist

I am new to using Talktrac but it has been very user friendly. It has been a very convenient tool to assist in getting our documentation completed in one step instead of 2 or 3. The program is quick and easy to use. Medicaid billing has become much easier and less time consuming as compared to the previous Medicaid billing system. Daily notes have been simplified as well. Talktrac is user friendly and easy to set up. It also provides detailed progress reports with graphs to outline the students progress towards goals. Talktrac has made note taking and Medicaid billing much easier for me. The support staff has been very helpful and quick in responding to any questions and concerns we have had with it’s use.


Occupational Therapist


No matter where you practice or teach, you will always have organizational hurdles to jump through in order to offer the best therapy or instruction possible to your students.

We’ve put in the hard work and research to make sure that Talktrac® is easy to use and meets all of your needs to ensure maximum productivity so you can devote more time to your students.


Streamline your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities to gain more precious time to spend with your clients and students.


Stay up to date with the latest tips, tricks and news to help you provide the best and most relevant therapy and instruction possible.

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