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Talktrac® software, designed and offered by The Meco Group, provides a flexible cloud-based data collection platform with built-in progress monitoring that helps streamline therapy sessions, monitor student progress, and generate easy to understand reports for parents, teachers, therapists, and school administrators.

Designed as a true one-stop-shop for data collection, this powerful platform works to streamline your processes from the inside out, simplifying performance documentation while enabling professionals to spend more high-quality instructional time with students and clients.

The Talktrac® software suite improves individual and overall business outcomes, effectively reducing client treatment cycle times with robust tools that include online progress monitoring, reporting, and service billing tools to support Speech-Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists.

Designed by Real Therapists

When Talktrac® software was developed, we worked from the ground up based on detailed feedback from hundreds of real-life therapists and administrators.

Advanced Visual Reporting

Automatically generate easy to read, visual progress and attendance reports that help you track progress over time and determine the best strategy or intervention for your students or clients.

Enhanced Cross-Communication

Specifically designed to make communication between therapists or teachers and outside parties as easy as possible, Talktrac® Software helps you handle everything from quickly scheduling your students to in-depth progress reports.

Regular Platform Enhancements

We’re proud to say that Talktrac® Software is an evolving platform that is constantly being updated and enhanced to provide a consistent best fit for your daily tasks and responsibilities.


The Talktrac® data collection platform was born of a desire to create the ‘magic’ way to collect data, record attendance, and monitor progress as an educator and Speech-Language Pathologist.

Over the course of her amazing career as a practicing SLP, educator, and administrator, our founder Frankie Strickland worked tirelessly to better streamline the daily processes, so she could spend more time improving the quality of life of her students. This was no easy task, but she never gave up looking for the best way to provide that priceless feeling of success to students and clients experiencing speech and language challenges.

Using the knowledge she had gained and rich input from fellow therapists and educators, she began developing a full-featured data collection platform that was capable of reducing the need for manual data collection and offering as much flexibility as possible to enable therapists and educators to better perform their duties.

Thus, Talktrac® was born!


I would definitely recommend Talktrac. It has made data collection so easy, and useful. It makes doing reports or going into meetings for a student really easy, because all of the student’s data is right there. It was easy to set up, and required very little training to get the hang of it. I set up my student teacher to enter data, and she had no problem whatsoever. The progress charts and the daily agenda/schedule is extremely useful to me. I look at the students’ probes and current progress, and then I set up my daily agenda like a planner with the activities for each group using the comments box on each student. Then everyday, I can print out a daily agenda, and write quick data on the back of the sheet, to put in later. It works seamlessly. The schedule/agenda feature is what I have been looking for as a truly useful therapy planner. I think the biggest benefit of Talktrac is that it makes data truly useful for planning therapy, and showing the effectiveness of therapy.


Speech Therapist, New York

When asked if she would recommend Talktrac to other districts including Special Education Directors and SLPs Susan responded:
I have and will continue to do so. The program provides us a streamlined reporting and documentation system at our fingertips. The program also frees up time for our SLPs to devote more time to direct services to the students by removing the necessity of the burdensome and time consuming pencil/paper documentation required in the past. The set up was easy and smooth. We exported from our student information system and downloaded into the spreadsheet sent to us by Talktrac. Talktrac did the rest. When we opened the program to begin training, everything was set and ready to use. When asked if she felt if Talktrac provides her school district good value for the cost Susan responded: Most assuredly. It is very inexpensive and worth 10X the cost! When asked if Talktrac has enhanced her speech and language data management and reporting Susan responded: Very much so. Everything is available at the instant you need it. It really is awesome and very, very user friendly.


Special Education Director, Georgia

Several months ago, we held an IEP meeting for one of my students who was not making ample progress on goals and not attending speech therapy regularly. Everyone was concerned about her lack of speech/language progress. I have been actively using Talktrac to document student progress and attendance in therapy, so, I had the cumulative report printed for this student. As the team reviewed the students lack of educational progress it became evident we needed to address her transportation to school. We agreed that the school district needed to provide Special Transportation for this student in order for her to get to school on time. Since this solution was implemented, the student has been attending school regularly and her progress has improved. Talktrac definitely made a difference in the services provided to this student to assist her with academic success.

Lou Ann

Speech Therapist, Georgia


Simplify your therapy sessions and academic lessons to better help your students learn to overcome communication and physical challenges and obtain academic skills essential to living a rich and rewarding life.